Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Salty Culture isn't pretty or wrapped with a bow. It's coarse. It's real. It's something you can hold in your hand and roll it through you fingers and feel it in your bones.


It's about helping, right here in your own messy back yard.

Check out this awesome movement toward community and service, compliments of Emily and Clint Shuttlesworth, navigators of God's great oceans and Valiant Church - http://www.valiantchurch.com/ and http://www.saltyculture.com/

Monday, November 23, 2015


Psalm 63 says:

O God, you are my God; I earnestly search for you. My soul thirsts for you; my whole body longs for you in this parched and weary land where there is no water. I have seen you in your sanctuary and gazed upon your power and glory. Your unfailing love is better than life itself; how I praise you! I will praise you as long as I live, lifting up my hands to you in prayer. You satisfy me more than the richest feast. I will praise you with songs of joy.


Last night we spoke about having a yearning, a longing, an angst for Christ. 

There is nothing that beats that angst, that longing and that understanding that NO MATTER how long we live on this earth, that there is always more. MORE. #more. More! 

More love.

More chances to say "I'm sorry."

More understanding.

More light.

More times to be humble.

More times to pray and cry out to God for HELP, because DANG MAN, we all need it. I need HELP to understand these times.

So let's rejoice in the MORE, in the opportunity, in the never ending path that points straight as an arrow toward HIM. 

More chances to practice "Fishy Tale" which is extremely dramatic, stickers adorned, requires two count holds and is played multiple times a day in our house. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


We wake.

He eats:
4 Eggs
2 Slices Toast
2 Turkey Sausage Patties

I eat:
1/4 cup oatmeal
5 egg whites

We stop at Starbucks.

He gets:
Mocha Frapuccino the Size of Montana
Old Fashioned DONUT

I get:
Dumbest order ever that involves lethal levels of caffeine and sugar free everything. Blended.

Astros Game:

I just want to be HIM. One day.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


These might have been really awful:

100 meter lunge
50 Push-Ups
50 Double Unders
25 Knees to Elbows
5 Rope Climbs
50 Box Jumps
25 OHS @ 65lbs
25 Pull-Ups
50 Sit-Ups
23:48 RX

These heat ain't no lie, ya'll. It's like an oven inside of a sauna inside of Cristiano Ronaldo's new hair cut. En FUEGO.

Monday, June 23, 2014


Coach asked if I wanted to prep for an August 30 competition.

And I'm telling ya'll, I feel so good right now...so I said YES.

I want this time to be different. I want to enjoy this process, this experience, this work. So, in typical Type A Liz manner, I made a list. Some promises to myself and to my peeps.

1. (With a Bullet) I will not let my weight or body fat define my self-worth or determine my mood. 

The scale is tricky ya'll.  It is incredibly useful and incredibly dangerous. I weigh every day - because I like to see how foods affect my body, how it's responding to work load, etc. But pretty soon I have to stop. Because it can play serious mind games with you, can derail your progress and your mood, especially in the bodybuilding game where losing is not always the end game goal. Our goals for this prep is to lose body fat...the scale will land where it lands. Oh, and this? This is REAL:

2. I will not pretend to be perfect on social media; I will share my strengths and weaknesses.

Lemme let you in on something: those girls on Instagram? They took 18 pictures to capture THAT one. And then they filtered it. And used a radial blur. And cropped it. 

And so do you. And so do I. 

A friend wrote me a text this weekend that reminded me: others are watching my actions and my attitude. I am here, on this journey, to help others. It's not helpful if it's not relate-able. And friends, it's entirely possible I stopped for not one, but TWO Reeses blizzards on my drive to Dallas. Sh*t gets real. 

3. I will be honest with my Coach and myself.

Which is why the blizzard incident will not happen again. Ahem. Moving on.

4. I will listen to God, my Coach, the Bull and myself to determine what is right for me. What is right for others may not influence what is right for me.

We all want to know "what does she do?" and "what does he eat?" and "how is it possible to fit donuts into your macros, you skinny son of a biscuit...?!?" and also "I wish I was a male bodybuilder so I could eat reuben sandwiches and pretzels before work outs" and I probably can stop there. What is right for me is determined by my Coach and the Bull. God will guide this journey and He wants me happy and healthy...not covetous. 

5. For every negative thought, I will follow it with two positives. 

I mean, cause all these other girls are trying to put on muscle, right? And I'm like GOD HELP ME UNCOVER IT. I also might laugh at their attempts to power clean a barbell. God bless Olympic lifting and Crossfit. 

I did pull ups on this sorry excuse for a hotel gym piece of equipment and fellow patrons on ellipticals freaked the EFF out. It was impressive, really. 

6. I will not compare myself to pros on social media.

There's a fine line between motivation and belittling yourself. And it's name is Instagram and IFBB Pro Amanda Latona. 

6. Speaking of Crossfit...Crossfit is prioritized before gym until my Coach tells me otherwise. 

Because life is too short to not do what you love. And Coach told me I could do it all. I can do it all, right? Right!

7. I will not take my frustrations out on my family and friends. This is my choice, not theirs. 

The Bull is the most patient man on Earth. Seriously ya'll, the man put up with me during peak week and a breakfast, lunch and dinner menu of tilapia and red potatoes. It was a dark place. He also is willing to spray adhesive my suit to my butt. That's LOVE. So, in return, I will show only love. But I refuse to go into Buc-ees and buy him brownies from this point forward. That's just wrong and I will now count the days until brownies. There are 68, Just sayin.

All joking aside...I really want to enjoy this prep. I want to work my ass off, bring a better package than I did before and learn. I continue to learn so much from this process and I love it. I love the ethic, I love the determination. I can safely say now...I am an athlete. And I can't wait to see the doors that open over the next 10 weeks.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Ann Voskamp wrote today:

Lord, some things look pretty impossible from where we stand right now.

So that's what we do: we pray for the impossible things, the improbable, implausible, impractical things.

We don't just pray for the possible --- because ours is the God who whispers: "With Me nothing, Nothing, NOTHING is impossible." 

You are the God who makes the ridiculously impossible into the miraculously possible, the unbelievable into the you-better-believe-it, the never into the now. We are the people who pray it tonight: BUT GOD. We pray the impossible prayers -- because as long we are with You, *nothing is impossible.*

Do we dare be bold enough to pray for the impossible? For the bridge to mend? For the weight to be lifted? For the door to open...or close?

When I am asked about fitness or Crossfit or training, I always tell others "you can do this."

Anyone can do this.

When someone paralyzed from the waist down can do rope climbs in a wheelchair? Yeah, you can do this. 

The difference is the want. How bad do you want it? Pray the impossible.

The dream is free - the hustle is sold separately folks

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


"Pride gets no pleasure out of having something, only out of having more of it than the next man...it is the comparison that makes you proud; the pleasure of being above the rest. Once the element of competition is gone, pride is gone." - C.S. Lewis

Humility really comes from just being grateful for what you have.

And when there's 95 pounds of barbell in your hands and you wonder why you chose to RX it because those other girls? They're using 65 or 55 or whatever and if you had THEIR load, it would be so much easier.

Or would it?

The comparison creates pride.

Compare against others and that measuring stick quickly becomes a weapon.

Compete against yourself and you eliminate pride and welcome humility.


Tuesday, June 3, 2014


"For by the grace given me I say to every one of you: Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but rather think of yourself with sober judgement, in accordance with the faith God has distributed to each of you." - Romans 12:3

Dripping sweat after a monster workout at Crossfit yesterday, a woman approached me and introduced herself. This is very norm; our community thrives on being welcoming and warm. I shook her hand and then she started...

"You look really amazing. What do you eat? Paleo? Something else?" she asked.

It caught me completely off guard. Every time.

Now, don't get all nuts on me. I am very proud of the goals I've reached and the progress I have made and I am learning every day about my body. How to love it and respect it and train it and care for it.

But mentally...the improvements haven't registered completely. I forget.

Ya'll, he fell in love with me as a 29% body fat-having-cinder-block-Crossfitter. The picture on the right is THE DAY we met, December 24, 2013 at the 12 Days of Christmas WOD. What was he THINKING? Thank you Jesus, for this gift of a man. Please restore his vision. Yeah.

And this very situation reminded me of something important - how good it feels to share and help. I truly believe that is the reason The Bull and I were put on this Earth, with a Godly calling to help others and encourage.

So we chatted about nutrition and training and it was warm and fuzzy and I held in a completely inappropriate hug because The Bull was waiting and he dislikes when I make people and situations awkward, I do it so often. But as I got IV buckled in, threw my bag in the car and loaded up, I realized that the clarity comes from these moments.

You can do this for you. And you can do it for others too. There's balance in the process. Hand up, hand out.

Monday, June 2, 2014


There is no finish line. 

We are surrounded with input that tells us there is: flat abs in 60 days. 90 days no payments. 30 pounds in 30 days.

This life is a journey, a series of opportunities and steps and they all lead to an eternal heaven and more joy than we could ever imagine.

But we have open doors every single day to experience. Feel. Believe. Grow.

Sunday afternoon, The Bull and I had a great little tabata row session and then did a run - ab mat - kettle bell swing - box jump ladder. As we kept pace, bantering back and forth about missed reps and how he was "just getting loose" on those first box jumps and that he can do 12 to my 4 (which is NOT true), I realized that this is the message I want to share.

The process IS the provision.

You can banter with your significant other while you're running and swinging a kettle bell. You can do pushups while your 6 year old rides you like a horse. You can watch Disney and have conversations about manatees and Octonauts while you're doing 45 minutes of fasted cardio in the morning. You can cook chicken and rice for your whole family and I promise that if you pair it with slices apples and PB or carrots and ranch, you do not have to cook separately for every individual.

Make it work, folks.

This is your team. Your team works together.

And you work this process, every single day, until you look up and boys are asking "is it Flex Friday?" and they turn down the Happy Meal, you plan for Rogue rigs in your garage, they slam baseballs into the outfield and you run races together and you have built a damn. fine. team.

I did Crossfit for an entire year and changed my body. And my attitude. Then I learned about nutrition and body building and my life absolutely LEAPT into the stratosphere. But it took a team. Support. LOVE. Encouragement. Patience. HELP. Because when you want to body slam someone for a Reese's, the wise man rubs your back and makes you a protein shake with additional PB2 and then cautiously hands it to you. And backs away.

Surround yourself with these people. And fly.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


There are decisions to be made.

I'll just sum this up: that it is more important to me to live a life of experience with those around me, those that I love.

And it is not just about what's important to me. It is about what God calls me to do as a partner, a mother, a friend and a human.

The Bull and I did the "Murph" yesterday, first time for me. For those not in the cult Crossfit, the "Murph" is a workout done in honor or memory of a man or woman who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our daily freedoms. I have done many, nut never "Murph".

The workout is a one mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 air squats, ending with a mile run.

We watched Lone Survivor the night before, the movie account of this true, epic tale of Navy Lt. Michael Murphy. The movie closed with images of these soldiers with their families and comrades, with babies, treasured hobbies, dancing first wedding dances. Embraced in the daily liberties that I enjoy and sometimes even get frustrated with and argue with.

How dare I lose my patience with the child? How dare I selfishly grumble about dishes? Or cutting massive amounts of broccoli into tiny pieces because OK HE'S RIGHT and it is better when it's smaller and it fits in our tupperware. FINE.

It's also better to measure the turkey in a bowl rather than on the flat tupperware lid. This man is ALWAYS RIGHT. Thanks, God. Humble pie. Served. Gah.

I ran the last mile and my mind raced with thoughts. Gratitude. Disbelief of my blessings. Renewed commitment to more eucharisto, less complaining. More time with these people. These hearts.

Crossfit is more than a workout. It is a community. It is shared experience. It is being here, now. And I need it back, ever so desperately.