Wednesday, March 13, 2013

IF_____, THEN __________

Why are we so tempted to fill in the blanks?

So eager to fill those spaces with every worry in the world, every instance of conditional belief and test?

So willing to deliver that list to our enemy to use against us?

So what happens when the blanks are filled?

I go on. I get mad. I fall down. I want to bang a Bible against my head a few hundred times. Repeat. 

And then...the magic. I am OK.

I listened this week to a statement about what IF? What IF I actually take the courage God is handing me? Is it possible that I might be one decision away from the biggest game changer on my life's map? The biggest bend in the road? 

If ______? Then GOD. 


PURA VIDA said...

do it do it do it do it do it do that THANG!!!!

amorepuro1 said...

This is inspiring even two weeks after a breakup!